Nude Number One

I did this piece at the beginning of November last year. I needed some Photoshop coloring practice. Most of the color work I’ve done has had a greytone base to give the drawing weight. I’m trying to develop a coloring style that’s just layers of color. I’ve seen color done that way that’s wonderfully rich and vibrant.

I did this one after the Mutant Bug.

Sigh. I think the Bug was a more successful illustration. Probably because I’ve spent more time drawing hideous monsters than pretty women. Practice, practice.

One thought on “Nude Number One

  1. For all of the dimensionality of her torso, arms and legs, her face seems strangely flat to me; as if someone had grabbed her by the cheekbones and stretched her out like Silly Putty.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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