Current Projects

While we wait for me to find the finished Weirdsmith piece let me update you on current projects –

Oz Squad – In progress. Really. 48 pages of layouts. 11 pages of completed pencils.

Oziana 2006 – At the printer presumably. I contributed illustrations to a story and a poem.

Baum Bugle – In progress. I’ve been asked to rewrite the Oz Comics webpage for print in the next issue. I need to flesh out the plot summaries of the different comics and get some good scans of the covers. The trickiest series looks like it will be Peter Pan and the Warlords of Oz. I’ve found very little about it online either as commentary or as issues for sale.

The Black Seal – In progress. Both the 4th issue and Viet Nam number are mostly done. I’m waiting on some specs to finish the illustrations for the 4th issue and I’ve still got a short comic to do for the Viet Nam number.

Worlds of Cthulhu – Finished illustrations for an article in the 5th issue.

Mansions of Madness – Finished illustrations for a reissue of this Chaosium book. To be published sometime this year I believe.

The Spiraling Worm – In progress. I’m providing the cover illustration for this collection of Mythos fiction by David Conyers and John Sunseri. My layouts have been approved and I’m in the process of painting/coloring it.

There’s other things here and there. Possibly a large illustration job for Labor of Love Creative. No deadline on that yet.

4 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Cool, I hope you illustrate my scenario “The Jermnyn Horror” when it comes out in a future issue of Worlds of Cthulhu.

    Can’t wait to see “The Spiraling Worm” final either!

    David Conyers

  2. I finally noticed the cover of Oz Squad reproduced next to the review in the latest Baum Bugle. That’s David’s art, I said to myself. Cool. In case you haven’t seen the review: they liked.

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