We resume our journey through the 2002 section of the sketchbook.

In the Sentient 39 “universe”, there are 71 sentients. This is according to the Blair, a species of space faring invertebrate that also claims to one of the oldest of said sentients. I haven’t actually figured out who all those sentients are. (A sentient, at least in Blairish terms, designates the life that has evolved on a specific planet. If that life then went into space and seeded 49 other planets and an intelligent lifeform evolved on all those planets the Blair would still say it was one sentient. No one has been able to get a good explanation from them as to why that is.)

I’ve adopted H.P. Lovecraft’s alien races as sentients. They are public domain creatures. But really, I find them fascinating. Lovecraft invented aliens that were weird and strange and not human. No bumpy foreheaded humans for him. This unfinished sketch is my attempt at showing what an active crinoid culture would look like.