I have a fondness for swamp monsters – Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, the Glob, the Heap – things that walk like men but are now composed of plants and fungus rather than of flesh. They aren’t zombies exactly. They aren’t really alive, not like an animal is. This creature is my own unnamed take on the subject. It appears in some of my old sketchbooks, the ones old enough that I cringe when I look at the sketches in them. It was once a man. The man died (or perhaps was murdered) and his body sank into the swamp. His hatred lived. It lived to form a new body and to drive that mossy, slimy form to seek revenge on those who had wronged the man in life. Sometimes the monster was destroyed. Sometimes it killed all those the man had hated and, no longer having purpose, became still, grew roots and became one with the bog.