Burrabb Marketplace

The burrabb have a social structure similiar to a lion pride – an individual of one sex is catered to by mulitple mates of the other sex. The first human analogy would seem to be societies where men have more than one wife. This would be a superficial analogy. In those societies the male sex has most of the public role and interacts with other males in running society. In a lion’s pride the women do most of the work. A lion’s pride is the society to the lions. Another pride in the same territory will result in a fight.

The burrabb have a society of “prides”. The smaller sex does most of the work. The smaller sex does most of the negotiation. Among some burrabb races and cultures members of the large sex are able to sit next to each other and have pleasant conversations. These cultures are the exceptions. In general, the larger burrabb sex finds it physically uncomfortable to be close to other members of its sex. Too much closeness will often lead to violence.