King Roach vs Saur Thirteen

While the basic premise of King Roach (kid becomes monster to fight other monsters) has remained the same since the first inspiration, the setting of the series has shifted many times. Sometimes I’ve imagined the story taking place in modern day Seattle. Sometimes it happens in a 1950’s milieu. Sometimes I imagine King Roach as a guide to the Sentient 39 universe; traveling from world to world, dealing with strange human cultures and stranger alien ones. And fighting monsters of course.

The other creature in this sketch is Saur Thirteen, one of those military experiments gone wrong. Saur Thirteen has skulked around my imagination for a couple of decades now. Sometimes he’s a mindless beserker. Sometimes he’s highly intelligent, a reptilian secret agent/soldier. In this version he’s been tamed by a teenage girl and is acting as the protector of a group of outcasts.