To Be Remade Any Day Now

Given the number of 70’s and 80’s horror movies that are getting sequels and/or remade I’m surprised that no one has signed up for a new version of Prophecy. What’s not to love about a giant mutated people-eating bear and her hideous offspring? There’s so much room for improvement in this movie it actually makes sense to remake it.

The finished version is here.

4 thoughts on “To Be Remade Any Day Now

  1. Again with the two eyes on a side.

    What I liked about Prophecy was that it was a monster movie (and proud of it! Prophecy: The Monster Movie); it was kinda scary (to me at the time anyway!); and it had a sense of humor without being overtly joky (c’mon, y’gotta love the kid in the mummy sleeping bag trying to hop his escape).

  2. Jesus Christ – directed by John Frankenheimer, written by David Seltzer, starring Talia Shire and Armand Assante? That sounds brilliant.

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