Legion of Frankensteins – All Together Now

Finally we add all the layers together. Do touch up in places that are empty. Add a background.

If I’d been doing this illustration for a client I would have added a few more touches. There are some obvious (to me) places that aren’t colored. I had been waited to do them until I finished the fun stuff but with the amount of corruption I was having to clean up everytime I opened the file I just decided that I could live with “unfinished” bits.

4 thoughts on “Legion of Frankensteins – All Together Now

  1. “My momma said that life is like a box of Frankensteins. You never know what part you’ll get. Sometimes it’s a concert pianist’s hands. Sometimes it’s a mass murderers brain.”

  2. Dave, first of all, awesome job! It’s a beautiful piece of artwork IMHO.

    Now, regarding your inspiration for figure no. 19 aka “Not Beauty” …

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I think the image comes from William Girdler’s “blaxploitation” take on THE EXORCIST titled ABBEY. Of course, I could be wrong, but especially in your penciled rendition of the piece no. 19 ( “the heavily browed woman” ) is the spitting image ( yep, a little pun intended … LOL ) of the possessed chick in ABBEY.
    A still of which, in that same exact pose, accompanies almost every article or review of the film in print or online.

    If you get an opportunity to get back to me, I’d love to know if I was right or wrong.


    – Jim

  3. Jim –

    You might be right about Abby being the inspiration for no. 19. I looked through images on Google and it looks familiar alright. I’m a little disappointed now. I thought sure it was from a Frankenstein film.

    Oh well. Funny what sticks in the mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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