The Postcard Project

I love sending mail almost as much as I enjoy receiving it. Paper mail that is. I’m fond of email but it lacks the physicality and individuality of a personal letter delivered by hand. Every month I get a postcard from my bother Glenn. It’s awesome – a little piece of art plus a short message from someone I care about. It makes the 45 credit card offers I get between postcards tolerable.

Email is efficient. It’s fast and cheap. But when the power is out you can’t read it by candlelight while drinking tequila shots.

I used to be a pretty proficient letter writer. It’s a skill that’s attrophied. I miss sending mail. Once I’m done with work I’m not much for talking, much less writing. I can still draw however. And I’ve got a stack of preposted poscards. It’s not quite letter writing but it’s better than just thinking hard about distant friends and hoping they pick up on the vibe.

I’m doing the art on the actual cards in black ink. Then I’m scanning the art and coloring it. I’ll post the original art one day, the colored art the next. Any messages I manage to write will be between me and the recipient and the USPS.

Because I’ve mostly been sending emails in the last few years I haven’t kept up on my dirt world addresses. If you think there’s a chance I don’t have your mailing address, please email it to me at davidlee.ingersoll @ sometime during May 2007 and I’ll be happy to send you a postcard. (You’ll have to remove the spaces in front and behind the @ to get the address to work. But you knew that.)

I’ll post the first postcard in the series tomorrow.