Golliwogs and the Hulk

I’m pretty sure that the faces here with the big lips and the yarnish hair are my attempt at drawing golliwogs. I was picturing these as multicolored characters rather than the standard black skin and red lips. Really multicolored – blue, green, yellow, red, orange, white – with the hair, mouth and eyes one color and the body another. They’d be in every combination but black and red (unless the lips and such were black and the body red). The golliwogs have a nice simple cartoon design. It’s too bad that design is a racist sneer.

The overly muscled fellow at the bottom of the page is the Hulk. The Hulk was the second comic book character (after Spider-Man) whose series I read regularly. The version I read was the early seventies stupid Hulk. I’ve always been impressed by the artists who managed to draw that huge bulky physique and make it look, if not natural, at least real within the comic.