Nemo and the Weird Things

Every so often I get the ideas about doing a new version of Little Nemo in Slumberland. I never get farther than a few sketches because, honestly, I haven’t thought of a story that grabs me. Windsor McCay made good use of the anything-can-happen nature of Slumberland. I read the old strips to get dazzled by the artwork. The story? What story? It’s a bunch of stuff happening that sort of has continuity from one episode to another but it’s the visuals that are the attraction. Nemo has the personality of white bread.

One of these days I may come up with a story that’s worth thinking about. Honestly though, I’m probably not the best writer for it. Someone like my brother or Steve Ahlquist; someone who thinks less literally than I do, is more likely to come with a story that would be worth drawing.