On the right we have Professor Grant Emerson. The professor is an NPC (non player character) who writes scientific articles on weird phenomena for The Black Seal. Graeme Price writes the actual articles.

On the right is … I forget what her name is. She was to be an NPC who wrote about weird phenomena from a scholarly perspective. She was a librarian with access to the vast resources of the British Library (although probably not to the Forbidden Books, the hideous tomes that the Library doesn’t admit to owning and never loans out). Unlike Professor Emerson she was to be a house name at the Seal and could have her articles written by anyone with an inclination.

Once I’d done these portraits I was inspired to do portraits of all the Seal’s contributors as a way of blurring that line between reality and fiction. Emerson and the Librarian were to have their portraits and bios on the contributors’ page along with all the rest of us.

So far the Librarian’s skills have gone untapped.