Y’golonac first appeared in the Ramsey Campbell short story Cold Print back in the late sixties. Y’golonac has made an appearance in a couple of the scenarios I’ve illustrated, one in The Black Seal, one in a forthcoming issue of Worlds of Cthulhu. What pleases me most about this illustration was the weight and mass I think I managed to give ol’ Nibblehands. I drew people as stick figures most of the time when I was a kid. When I was doing Misspent Youths the characters still had a pipecleaner skinniness to them. I put extra effort into giving this guy bulk.

5 thoughts on “Y’golonac

  1. I read a lot of Lovecraft’s books, and until now I hear and see this terrible creature, according with that I read Y’golonac feed with humans and take the form of the eating person.

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