Crossingham’s Choice

David Lee Ingersoll is my favourite artist I’ve worked with on The Black Seal and Worlds of Cthulhu.

Why? The passion that can be found in every image. Every image is carefully planned, executed and detailed. What’s more I’ve found David can read my mind from several thousand miles away – he’s got an intuitive understanding of the horror/weird genre and what makes it work, and he brings that to the job without you having to ask for it. Look at these pictures and there is a normalness pitted against strangeness in each picture.

David is a professional artist in the truest sense. If he accepts the job, he will deliver 110% of what you requested, on time, with imagination. On the rare occasion things have had to be modified, they are, and always for the better.

If you are thinking of hiring David, stop thinking and just do it. You’ve found the right artist for the job.

Adam Crossingham, editor – The Black Seal, and Worlds of Cthulhu”

From The Black Seal #3 this is a classic alien autopsy scene…

From The Black Seal #3, the author loved it, I love it. Baboons are nasty little buggers, and DLI’s got them.

This is me. DLI did portraits of all the Black Seal contributors. I love my surgery scars and wish my real ones were as cool and Frankensteiny.

From the Black Seal #1. One of DLI’s first and still one of the best. He’s got a thing for things in jars…

From Worlds of Cthulhu #3. You’d look like this if someone had cut your heart and chucked you down a pit.

From Worlds of Cthulhu #3. The Golden Scorpion. DLI can do simple very well as well. Sometimes I think he should stick to simple, but then I remember the details in his other stuff.

From the Black Seal #3. I call this “Hunter Hunted”. Shoggoths should be hard to kill, and this one is.

From the Black Seal #4. Why I had never asked DLI to do a cover before I will never know. I think I might ask him to do all the covers from now on.

From Worlds of Cthulhu #3. Nyarlathotep as an Aztec god. The eyes make this image for me.

From a forthcoming issue of the Black Seal and a T-shirt. This is what I call body art. DLI has tcho-tcho style.