6 thoughts on “Testing

  1. T-shirt, it says t-shirt in the beautiful Crossingham’s post. I want a t-shirt! I am all about finding cool t-shirts these days. Well, not all about t-shirts, really only a little about t-shirts. But I want one that you made, or at least drew.

  2. I should probably add a link to the t-shirts on that page. Until I do you can find the shirts here. My designs are down toward the bottom of the page – King in Yellow and Hunter Hunted. Adam doesn’t seem to have gotten around to putting up the Tcho-tcho design.

  3. Ooh, yay! David likes the Hunter Hunted (I like the Hunter Hunted, but the King in Yellow is so vivid and I like the finger)…


  4. The shirts hold up pretty well. I’ve been abusing the King in Yellow shirt now for over a year and the colors still look good.

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