BRP – Exploding Tentacle Head

While Chaosium’s most known game is Call of Cthulhu and CoC is known for being populated with tentacled menaces this image was actually inspired by the weird demons that I saw in some of the Hong Kong movies when Derek and I were “doing research” for Mandate of Heaven. Have I mentioned how really freaky some of those creatures were?

2 thoughts on “BRP – Exploding Tentacle Head

  1. Giles –

    I have seen the previews. I was planning to see it when it inevitably came to DVD. Our cable package doesn’t include the scifi channel so we won’t be seeing it when it first broadcasts. It looks interesting, distinct enough from both the books and the damned MGM musical to be its own thing.

    “Greatest Fantasy Epic of All Time” is a bit much 🙂


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