BRP – Tripod Attack

I’ve just recently read Edgington and D’Israeli’s War of the Worlds trilogy (War of the Worlds, Scarlet Traces, Scarlet Traces: The Great Game – highly recommended!) so alien invaders are on my mind. Tripod war machines have burned themselves into my imagination since I was a kid and read John Christopher’s Tripod trilogy.

2 thoughts on “BRP – Tripod Attack

  1. Good call! Did you ever see the BBC adaptation of the Tripods? I remember the capping scenes were really quite disturbing for what was supposed to be kids TV. Certainly left me with a lifelong fear of alien mind control.

  2. I’d never known that the BBC did an adaption until I read the wikipedia entry. I’m glad to hear it was disturbing. The books certainly disturbed the young me. I’ll have to see if there’s a region 1 DVD version of the adaption available.

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