More Simplicity

Another page of stripped down cartooning. I was concentrating on doing simple character designs in order to animate them in Flash. Back in 1999 Nizzibet had been contacted by someone she knew who was working with an internet startup company. The company wanted to create a number of short flash cartoon series to be posted on the web. The plan was to generate a fanbase for each series inexpensively via the web and then sell/license the series to movie & television production companies. Nizzibet’s friend asked her (and therefore me and the rest of the Labor of Love studio) to pitch some series ideas to the company. The proposals didn’t have to come with illustrations attached – we weren’t going to be doing the animation – but I have a hard time writing for a visual medium without giving myself something visual to work with so I did sketches for each series as part of our idea generating process.

I don’t remember which (if any) series these sketches might have been for. It’s obviously one that I haven’t thought about in more than 8 years.