The elf detective’s name was Malekin.

The basic premise behind the series came up while tossing back and forth imaginary taglines for cop shows. You know the sort of things – “She’s a wacky underwear model, he’s an uptight venture capitalist, what mysteries will they solve before they unlock the puzzle of their love?” or “He’s a priest, she’s a vampire, they fight crime!”

The original tag for The Cauldron was “She’s a hard-boiled big city cop. Her new partner is a fairy. They’re detectives.”

Lame. Definitely not a tag I’d actually use. But you’ve got to start somewhere. From there it was a matter of figuring out what sort of fairy the new cop was. What sort of relationships did humans and the fey have? What sort of crimes did they investigate? It would have been a fun series to write.