Coyote’s Paws

For the Scarecrow story I didn’t want to just have Coyote be an anthropomorphic creature; standing on two legs with human hands. He wasn’t Coyote the trickster (though he was a trickster), he was an evolved (mutated?) coyote. I imagined him with articulated paws that he knuckle walked on like an ape. When he sat down he could use the paws to manipulate tools as well as a human.

2 thoughts on “Coyote’s Paws

  1. Hi. I recently discovered OZ SQUAD and Steve Ahlquist’s archives on Mythographical, but was sidetracked by having to move before I could peruse them. Imagine my disappointment on returning to the website yesterday, only to find Steve had let it lapse! Is there anyway to contact him re his archives, or any new site, or or or?


    Bruce Duncan

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