New Sketchbook 2005 – 2007

And so we begin another sketchbook, this one of fairly recent vintage – 2005 to 2007. I’ve had more than one sketchbook to work in the last few years so it took a little longer to fill this one. At some point the book got damp and the pages warped so many of the scans are less than stellar.

This image is one I did for my church bulletin. I did the layout and provided the cover for the weekly bulletin for about a year. Most of my cover illustrations were repurposed public domain images I found on the internet. I’d originally intended to do a quick new illustration every week but soon found that –

A. That was more work than I had time for.
B. Most of the scenes in the Bible that I’m inspired to illustrate are not appropriate subjects for polite company.

3 thoughts on “New Sketchbook 2005 – 2007

  1. The New Testament is relatively safe. I’m rather fond of the atrocities in the Old Testament for illustration purposes. Lots of smiting and beheading and plagues and other goodness 🙂

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