Burrabbs and Such

We’ll see George again, probably quite a few times. I finished another series of illustrations of the character in February.

For now, here are a couple of burrabb. And a k!lang warrior. That’s the guy with the beard. The k!lang run one of the space faring empires in the Sentient 39 universe. Or rather, they think they run it. Like most ruling classes they both run their world and are run by it.

2 thoughts on “Burrabbs and Such

  1. In general I’m referring to two ideas. One is the idea that we are all part of a system, an environment that affects us as we affect it. The other is that systems (whether biological, cultural, political or what have you) tend to maintain themselves. We all might have free will but how we are able to exercise it depends on where we are in the system and how much we are willing to risk losing our position in that system.

    In the case of the k!lang – they are the highest caste and rulers of their empire. But it’s an interstellar empire with a multiplicity of ethnic groups, religions and political factions. A k!lang emperor who spends too much time trying to expand the empire is likely to be undone by domestic power struggles. An emperor who tries to exert too much power at home is likely to lose outlying territories.

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