Betsy Bobbin

Betsy Bobbin is second in the earthly girlie trio of Oz. First comes Dorothy, then comes Betsy, then comes Trot. They’re all girls who came from the outside work, specifically America, and were invited to settle in Oz by Princess Ozma. This version of Betsy is for Oz Squad. The image here is a scan of the base artwork used to the color version here.

7 thoughts on “Betsy Bobbin

  1. Something’s gotta be done with Betttttsy. Trot & Dorothy are so tomboy. Maybe Bettsy can be girly girl. Low cut blouse? Sure! Skirt slit to the hip? Yeah!

  2. Anything done with Betsy is entirely my responsibility. For the Who’s Who I picked characters that Steve wasn’t using.

    Honestly I prefer the tomboys. Betsy got to be a society girl for variety’s sake.

  3. She kinda does look like that actress. I’m sure I’ve seen the Star Trek and X-Files episodes but I don’t think I’ve seen any of the rest of her resume.

  4. Having seen only one issue of Oz Squad, that image came as something of a shock to me — I remember Betsy as the considerably younger girl from the original books! It does fit in from what I remember of the grown-up Dorothy and her gang, though.

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