Morlock 2001

One of the Atlas series that got stuck in my imagination was Morlock 2001, the story of an artificial man who transformed into a plant monster. This is a sketch of the monster.

I never actually owned any Atlas comics. My allowance didn’t have room for them. I read, or more properly, looked through them, on comics racks during the scant 4 or 5 months that the company was publishing. Reading the plot descriptions for Morlock 2001 over at the Atlas Archives makes me wonder if I would still find the character fascinating if I’d owned and read the comics. Seems like a depressing series.

2 thoughts on “Morlock 2001

  1. Ha ha ha! Nice. I went on an Atlas bender when I worked at a comicshop a couple years ago for some reason. They were depressing. Destructor was sorta neat.

    Awesome pic.

  2. If I had access to a bunch of Atlas comics I’d probably go on bender too. There was so much talent involved and it was all gone in just a few months.

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