Yellow Sign

I did an illustration of the King in Yellow as a t-shirt for The Black Seal. And what’s the King without the Yellow Sign? The thing is, the Yellow Sign as commonly seen was designed by Kevin Ross for Chaosium and is copyrighted. So I designed a new sign. These six drawings here are the choices I sent my editor.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Sign

  1. I’ve never met anyone quite so obsessed with getting around copyright legislation than Adam. I still like the middle right one best.

  2. That is the one I’ll be using whenever I do King in Yellow/Yellow Sign illustrations for the Seal or WoC.

    I’m glad Adam pays attention to copyright. It hadn’t occurred to me that the Yellow Sign I was used to seeing might have been owned by someone. It was just a weird symbol, y’know? In the long run that obsession will make artists and writers more willing to do business with Adam.

  3. Yes, Kevin Ross. I think he’s been pretty decent about letting people use it in the past, but I gather he’s a hard man to contact.

    It’s not Adam’s awareness of copyright issues (which is laudable) I meant to comment on, it’s the number of schemes he’s hatched that involve getting around them somehow. See also the free compilation of period music he wanted to send out with the Vietnam special. That was enough to get me looking for a separate lawyer.

  4. Ooooh. Period music for the Vietnam special, great idea. No need to worry about copyright for that. The copyright will have run out by the time it sees print 🙂

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