Designing George, Part 17

A third sketch of George for the same illustration. Now that George’s design is established I don’t have to worry about what he looks like I just have to find the best way of presenting what he’s doing. I start by giving the client 3 sketches. The client then usually plays a little mix and match with different aspects from each sketch and I do a second draft combining those aspects.

5 thoughts on “Designing George, Part 17

  1. Although George looks like a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, he appears to be flashing a gang symbol in his left hand. Maybe he’s a Crip.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. It would have arrive at his hand via cultural osmosis since the guy drawing him (me) wouldn’t recognize a gang sign without a diagram.

  3. Here’s the only gang symbol I know. Use it with extreme caution:

    0) Optionally, extend your right foot out and place your left hand on your hip.

    1) Extend your right arm so your right hand is above your left eyebrow.

    2) Snap your right fingers.

    3) In a smooth motion, move your right hand down and place it immediately in front of your right shoulder. Keep your elbow extended at a right angle away from your torso.

    4) Snap your right fingers again.

    5) In another smooth motion, move your right hand down to the left side of your abdomen as though your arm was in a sling.

    6) Snap your right fingers once more.

    Practice this move until you can perform it smoothly with the snaps evenly timed. Once you have it down, you can accompany it with the phrase, “Nuh-UH, girlfriend!” or “Back off, bitch, or I’ll CUT YOU!” This sign is often used in the face of a queen with too much attitude or a clueless bitch who ought to know not to mess with you.

    Eric the Card-Carrying Homosexual

  4. Sometimes only Snaps will effectively repel a bitter queen.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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