See You Later

In 2004 one of the major clients at the Day Job shut down most of the division we were supporting. My boss asked me to do an illustration for a sympathy/good-luck-in-your-next-job card that we could send to the departing employees. This was that illustration. I don’t remember if we actually sent out a card but, if we did, we certainly didn’t use this illustration.

2 thoughts on “See You Later

  1. I think I know who you’re talking about.

    I would say they were too busy crying bitter tears to care too much about the illustration. What an incredibly demoralized group of people. Looking for a way to crush the human spirit? Shut down their job – and everyone around them, except for a few chosen ones – and watch the carnage.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. I’ve realized, based on the content of the some of the other illustrations, that these pieces at the beginning of the sketchbook must have been done in 2004. The day job was still located in the Ballard office. I’ve revised my dates for this post and all the others from this sketchbook.

    That department is still there, still pretty small and KP still goes there every week.

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