Spider-Man Villains

Spider-Man #103 was the first comic book I ever owned. Spider-Man has pretty much stayed my favorite superhero. I don’t read the comics anymore. I’m sure I would enjoy them if I found a stack lying around but I’m not interested enough to buy his current adventures. I’ve already read enough Spidey stories. I’m done even if he isn’t.

Just as Spidey is my favorite superhero, his rogue’s gallery contains some of my favorite supervillains. Here are a few of them. First one to name them all gets a No-Prize.

4 thoughts on “Spider-Man Villains

  1. I had to go to Wikipedia to get Carnage cuz I remembered the face but not the name.

    I remember so wanting a No Prize when I was a kid. I remember being told (by whom?) that it was an empty envelope. That’s what Wikipedia says, too:

    “No-Prize” … was originally nothing more than Stan Lee publishing the letter in his “Stan’s Soapbox” column and informing the letter writer that he or she had won a “No-Prize,” which was nothing.

    Although the No-Prize had been intended by Stan as a reminder for his readers to “lighten up” and read comics for pleasure rather than for prizes, they soon became very popular, and recipients of the No-Prize began to write Stan and ask him why they had not received a prize. In response, he began mailing empty envelopes that said “Congratulations, this envelope contains a genuine Marvel Comics No-Prize which you have just won!” to people who had received No-Prizes.

  2. I seem to remember “winning” a no-prize for a letter I wrote to Spider-Man. I don’t remember what I wrote (something to do with the Man-Wolf story) only that I got a letter back telling me I’d won a no-prize. The memory is so vague it’s possible I dreamed it.

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