Flip and Impy

Little Nemo in Slumberland is one of the classic comic strips. It features some of the most amazing art ever published. Read on a weekly basis it was probably mind blowing. Read in a collected edition it can get a little dull. All kinds of amazing stuff happens to Nemo and his friends but it just happens. Most of the time it could be happening to anyone. Nemo is never really the agent of any of the action.

Two characters who do tend to stir things up are Flip (on the left) and Impy (on the right). Both characters are basically escapees from minstrel shows. In the original Impy is your basic racist caricature.

Little Nemo is the public domain. Has been for years. It often seems odd to me that no one has picked it up and continued it.

This is also the last page in this sketchbook.