The Widower

The Widower was a mystery series that Nizzibet and I came up with when she was still thinking about writing comics. The protagonist, Purdue Granninger, was an ugly man that the rest of the world thought was stupid. A smart woman recognized that he had more brains than anyone else recognized and she encouraged him to join the police force, go to college and become a detective. They married. And then she died of cancer and left him with a fortune he didn’t know she had. Purdue used the fortune to retire and to help good people out of bad situations.

My picture of Gran’s personality is somewhat different than Nizz’s. Her version is probably more human. The series is her baby these days and maybe one day she’ll have a chance to write it.

The man who is missing an eye and has a ripped up mouth? Not Granninger. That’s Eugene Thatcher, an old villain I invented when I was a teenager. He’s a government assassin and not a fun guy to hang out with.