Belial on the Road

The Basket Case movies feature the former conjoined twins Duane and Belial Bradley. They were separated as children and now Duane carries Belial around in a large wicker basket. Duane looks like a normal, sorta nerdy white guy. Belial is a head, an arm and a mass of flesh. I’ve only seen Basket Case 2. That one features the Bradley brothers finding love as part of a family of improbable freaks.

That sparked an idea for an ongoing comic book – Duane and Belial would search the country for other persecuted monstrosities. Some would join the family, others would try to kill the family. It would have been a wonderful excuse to draw improbable freaks and hideous violence on a regular basis.

It also would have required getting the rights to the characters and finding a publisher who was interested in the property. That wasn’t something I had the energy for in 1999. I certainly don’t have the energy for it now.