Michael Browne

The only specific character on this page is Michael Browne. Michael is the older brother of Sallee Browne, who cameoed in Misspent Youths #1. He’s the guy with the flip curl and otherwise buzzed hair. Yes, he and his sister are intended to be older versions of that famous comic strip brother and sister. I’d intended to introduce Michael (and reintroduce Sallee) during the second MY story arc when Moe and Detritus moved to a small town and attended high school.

3 thoughts on “Michael Browne

  1. WEIRD. That dude with the ponytail and the big forehead looks exactly like a set of identical twins that went to my college in Missoula, MT when I was there.

    What’s stranger is that I saw one of them in Best Buy just last year when we were visiting family. I never even know their names – but they made such an impression that I remember them to this day.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. Missoula is very nice. It’s grown up a lot since I lived there. Lots of gently rolling hills, tall mountains in the distance, monster lake at the north end (Flathead Lake, 15×28 miles). Very much a college town – hippies, ski bums, liberals. Probably the most conflicted place in Montana; liberals mixing freely with gun-toting anti-government crazies. Half of the town would vote for Ralph Nader, the other half for Gary Bauer.

    The hubby’s family still lives there and we go back several times a year.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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