And the Winner for “Best Movie About People Trapped in a Supermarket by Monsters Released Since 2007” is …

Alien Raiders. The title is so generic that I kept for having to be reminded of what it was whenever I talked about the movie. The budget is probably much, much less than a quarter of The Mist‘s. The script … kick-ass.

Is it Perfect? Of course not. But when it comes out on DVD, sometime at the end of the year, it’s worth seeking out. Assuming you like monster movies of course.

Also worth watching is AM 1200. Lord knows when that might be available for a general audience.

Unfortunately those are the only two films I saw at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival that I can recommend. There may have been some other great films but, due to hideous traffic on the way down and scheduling issues at the Festival, I didn’t see that many movies.

Better luck next year.