Meet Mister Zero

Also known as The Blank, Mr. Nobody, Mr. Kleen, and probably a few other names I don’t remember. He’s a villainous sort that’s been kicking around my imagination for at least two and a half decades. He was probably inspired by me seeing a drawing of The Question but, honestly, I don’t recall where the character came from.

2 thoughts on “Meet Mister Zero

  1. David,
    ‘Mister Zero’ was also (among many other things, according to my online searches) a play (a puppet show, actually) that I saw in Atlanta, GA, many years ago. I found it touching and thoughful at the time, and have never seen or found mention of it again.
    I had read some of Ditko’s ‘Mr. A’ when I was young but didn’t remember seeing ‘The Question’ before.

  2. I’d be surprised if “Mister Zero” hasn’t been used many times in various media. I’d intended the character to be a villain for a superhero comic. As far as I know there’s still no comic book villain with that name.

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