Backing Up the Ghouls – Part 2

I keep thinking that I’m going to be able to create a color image directly off the penciled art. So far I’ve only managed to do that once. But I keep trying. This is the second stage of the process. I’ve colorized the original pencils. This is primarily to give me a base color to work with. Since the scene takes place in a dark place I thought I’d use blue as the base.

5 thoughts on “Backing Up the Ghouls – Part 2

  1. Man don’t do any more, leave it like this, it definitely rocks.

    I’m sure the next stage will look nice, but there is something about this pic which I find very evocative.

  2. The middle stages look worse.

    I’m usually happiest with my illustrations either when they are in the sketch stage (energetic and full of potential) or two weeks after they are finished and I can see whether or not the image works (separate from what I saw in my mind’s eye). The process of getting from sketch to clear appraisal is also a process of reminding myself that, really, I know what I’m doing (and the final result probably won’t suck).

  3. From a pure gaming POV. The first sketch looks like it could be a ‘real’* sketch therefore makes a good handout. Colour prints don’t do it for me in this respect.

    *For a given value of “real” where the subject matter truly exists.

    PS: If your unsure you know what your doing then we your geeky fans need to tell you more often ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Just read that PS back to myself. You do realise I was trying to say you are good and shouldn’t need to remind yourself. Obviously we geeky fans aren’t showing our adoration enough.

  5. No worries Mate. Any concerns I have about my work have less to do with whether I think it’s “good” and more to do with the work on the page not looking like the images in my head. It may sound like I’m expressing a lack of confidence but that’s not the intent. I’m mostly surprised that with short amount of time I have and with how fuzzy my brain is these days I somehow manage to create some pretty cool images. And for all the practice I’ve had, each illustration has its own path to completion.

    Hopefully that made sense ๐Ÿ™‚

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