Page One, Mara Not Brian

Mara Winikat is the current alter ego of King Roach. This image is a scan of the first page of a sketchbook from 2002. I did this sketch soon after I’d realized that Brian Daniels, my original choice for the human half of King Roach, was going to drive me crazy if I had to live with him as protagonist. Poor Brian is unfortunately too much like me – whiny and reluctant to act. Bad enough I have to hang out with me all the time. Mara is actually excited about being able to turn into a giant bug.

2 thoughts on “Page One, Mara Not Brian

  1. Alternate world. 1950’s level technology with early 20th century clothing styles (modesty!).

    But I change my mind all the time. Sometimes I imagine an old west setting, sometimes 1950s, sometimes 2008, sometimes a variety of alternate worlds. Nothing ever gets fixed until there’s actually a story drawn.

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