4 thoughts on “‘Tooning the Staff

  1. I’ve been waiting for these to surface. I don’t think I ever saw these when they were fresh.

    Not bad. Not sure who Mr. Lower Left Hand Corner is; TP? I like the lower version of myself better, and the top KP is pretty good.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. Some days, especially back then, I would have encouraged you to keep stabbing and handed you a more deadly instrument. 🙂

    I really believe I’m at peace with those years now. I can look back and believe that I touched a life here and there and accomplished something. I did meet a lot of great people and got to explore Seattle more than most.

    These days I’m feeling a lot more personal satisfaction. I feel like I’m not spinning my wheels as much, like I’ve finally caught some traction. I do miss the social interaction, though my current work relationships are deeper and healthier than my former client and coworker relationships.

    Time marches on…

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  3. I’m glad things are working out. I enjoyed having you there and I’m glad to still hear from you.

    The rest of the superhero sketches will appear after Christmas. I’ve got to do some traveling that will keep me from posting. (And I found some Christmas card sketches in this sketchbook that fit the current season to post on those days that I will have access to a computer.)

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