Dance Logo 1

Back to the sketchbook. In 2002 Nizzibet and one of her brothers spent a little time working on redesigning some of his marketing materials and she asked me to take a stab at redesigning his logo. He’s a dance instructor and his logo includes a stylized illustration of people dancing. I spent 5 five years as an assistant in ballroom dance classes so you’d think this would have been an easy challenge. Dancing is, however, one of many activities that I’d never spent any time drawing. Easy in theory, requiring a lot of thought in practice. Many of the movements of a dance don’t look that interesting individually. Many of the dramatic moments are hard to capture without seeing someone performing them. And I had no models. Back in 2002 there were also a lot less visual resources on the net so a lot of drawing had to be done from my own memory and imagination.

2 thoughts on “Dance Logo 1

  1. Doesn’t the Bible say something about dancing with cloven-hoofed animals?

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. It’s also a big fan of smiting your enemies and making slaves of their children. While I’m all for smiting MY enemies I really don’t have much use for slaves. There’s barely room in my apartment for me and the spouse much less a bunch of unhappy slaves.

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