Product Placement

The sketches on this page look like they are all Mandate of Heaven oriented. The note was an idea I had for generating income for writers and artists. And would no doubt be a business all on its own. I’d be surprised if it didn’t already exist. It seemed like a good idea to have some sort of clearinghouse or agency that listed all the products that parent companies were willing to have appear in any story. Basically a middle man who let you know that, say, Coors Lite, St. Pauli Girl and Grolsh, were available to appear in your porno comic. Once the comic was published you’d get paid a small fee for placing the product. The fee would depend on the circulation of your comic (or book or radio play or movie). Having this sort of middleman agency would save the creators the time courting the marketing departments of big corporations. And maybe put some extra money in the creators pockets.