6 thoughts on “The Pile Attacks!!

  1. Nothing definite and nothing anytime soon. My projects for the near future are either RPG illustrations or Oz Squad or a couple of graphic novels that my wife is writing. But sooner or later I’ll revisit the Misspent Youths characters.

  2. David Lee,
    Just ran across this site tonight and wanted to thank you for putting the first issue of MY online. I was working in a comics store long long ago when it first came out. Long story short, I used to possess all the issues, but no. 1 got loaned out and never returned.I have been searching lo these many years for a replacement, afraid I would never see it again. You have made my day (and night and probably week) Now I am going to have to search through the collection to find the other issues so I can finish the story. Keep up the great work.

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