7 thoughts on “It Takes Skills

  1. That looks like a water balloon made from a balloon animal balloon.

    Too many balloons in that sentence.

    And why is he using a tissue to mop up that puddle of hydrochloric acid? And what is he looking at – because he’s not looking at the fish?

    Why am I in such a feisty mood this evening?


    Eric the Ex-Coworker
    On-again, Off-again The Meds

  2. He might just be cleaning up some spilled chicken soup.

    The balloon sausage thingie is based on a sponge device that’s apparently used to corral dangerous liquids. Our client showed me photos of them. I never actually saw one in person.

  3. I actually have seen these things. They also use them to clean up oil spills on the ocean.

    “It Takes Skills to Clean Spills” is a little insipid, don’t you think? I can just see workers at the nuclear power plant making fun of it as they step over in their isolation suits. “Hey Honer – you got the SKILLS to clean up SPILLS! HAHAHAHA”

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  4. Insipid? Sure. The idea was to be memorable. And “Clean this shit up or if the company gets sued we’ll make sure you end up jobless and in debt until you die you miserable fuck” would have cluttered the image with too much text.

  5. Ah. I am going to make a poster out of that when I get to work tomorrow.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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