Shangri La

In 1999, Nizzibet was approached by a former colleague from the comics industry. Internet startup money was flying about and he had hooked up with company that planned to make short animations for the web. The cartoons were intended to attract investors who then option/buy the intellectual property featured in those cartoons and make television shows or movies based on them. We were asked to come up with some stories that could be made into serialized cartoons. Each episode was to be six to ten minutes.

We came up with a number of concepts, few of which actually made it to the proposal stage. One that did Shangri La, the story of a young woman and the strange book store she worked in. Nizzibet came up with that one and hopefully will find the time to turn it into a story the rest of the world can read. I did the art for the cover of the proposal. I could be wrong but I think Nizzie colored the art.