I don’t remember the exact circumstances that resulted in this drawing. It was in 1999 or 2000 and an old colleague of Nizzibet’s (it might even have been the guy who asked for animated website serial ideas) had asked her if she knew of any comic book artists. Nizzibet suggested me. He didn’t doubt that I could draw comics. What he wasn’t sure about was if I could draw sexy babes. Apparently sexy babes were an important part of the project. So I set aside my ridiculous idea that I drew sexy babes all the time and endeavored to draw a Sexy Babe.

And was told – not what he was looking for. And, too Eighties.

Oh well.

6 thoughts on “Sexy?

  1. I’m one of those odd sorts who thinks women in flannel shirts and baggy jeans are sexy. Women in skimpy outfits generally just look cold.

  2. Um.

    Are breasts really shaped like that? They look like they’re sitting on a shelf instead of being supported by a bra. Plus, the left one is a D-cup while the left is a B-cup.

    Not that I’d know from personal experience, that is.

    This is going to sound awful, but she looks too smart to be a “sexy babe”. She looks more like the president of the chess club than a cheerleading porn star.

    Eric the Very Gay Ex-Coworker

  3. Intelligent eyes, smart, easycare hairdo, slim voluptuous bod in a turdleneck all suggests action. The girls look real, not silicone. Neck like a prima ballerina. Then there’s that Elizabeth Vargas smile. Got it.

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