And Even More Beastie

Beastie’s backstory (at least the second one; the first one, done for the trading card set just had her as superheroine cursed with a trio of demon “assistants) was that she was a former child star. She spent five years on a hit comedy as the cute little kid with super powers around whom wackiness ensued. The twist was that she actually had superpowers. She could lift boulders, bend steel bars and walk away from a fiery car crash. Once she stopped being a cute, smart kid her acting career fell apart because, really, she wasn’t much of an actress. Fortunately her parents had been smart with her money so she wasn’t broke. She still had to work because she wasn’t rich either but at least she could choose her work. And having superpowers in Hollywood meant that she often worked doing stunts or as a bodyguard.

The gent with the dreads is/was her agent or maybe her lawyer. I don’t remember now.

The thing with the teeth is Saur Thirteen, one of those government experiments gone horribly wrong.