Misspent Youths – RIP

I was googling Misspent Youths this morning, for no reason other than being curious about all things me, and discovered that the series’ Wikipedia entry has fallen prey to that site’s Relevancy Police. I’m actually a little surprised it took them as long as it did to purge the entry. I mean, good god, Wikipedia is a Serious Endeavor now isn’t it? We can’t be cluttering it up with entries about unimportant things can we now?


Fortunately plenty of other sites have poached Wikipedia’s content so it was easy enough to locate the text of the Misspent Youths entry. I’m posting it here for my own reference. And before you ask, no, I didn’t write this. I may be an egotist but I’ve never been good at praising my own work –

Misspent Youths was an independent comic book by David Lee Ingersoll from the early 1990s, running only five issues. Reflecting a punk aesthetic even edgier at times than the Hernandez Bros.’ Love and Rockets, it dealt with two homeless youth, Moe and Detritus, and their friends in a dark urban landscape filled with drugs, gangs, clubs, and music. The stories were complex, very anti-authoritarian, and the humor rich and sardonic.