Iffrit and the Father

The fellow with the guns is the Iffrit, a take-off on the Shadow. I’ve never actually been a fan of the Shadow. It’s not that I don’t find the character interesting. I just seem to be more interested in other pulp characters. I’ve seen the 90’s movie and I read the modern day version in the comics but never read any of the novels or listened to the radio show.

I enjoy taking popular pulp and comic characters (and b-movie monsters) and putting a spin on them to see if I can invent something new. Or at least something fun to sketch. The Shadow supposedly got his ability to cloud men’s minds from a stay in the mystic Orient. So I thought, the mystic Orient is a cliche, where else could he have gained magic abilities? Maybe the Middle East? Why not?

The old fellow with the widow’s peak is Father Wilde, a Doc Savage take-off, in his later years.