A Patchwork of Flesh

By now you may have noticed that I have a fondness for monsters. I’ll usually take a badly acted, low budget monster movie over a star filled, Oscar nominated drama. I’ve read far more pulp horror than “fine” literature. And, I must admit, I have a greater fondness for some monsters than others. I have greater love for fishmen than vampires, more enthusiasm for apemen than zombies and giant monsters will grab my attention over more average sized specimens.

In the last few years I’ve developed a minor obsession for Frankenstein’s monster. So when I found A Patchwork of Flesh, an open blog gallery of Frankenstein Monster artist trading cards, I just had to contribute. I did four portraits and sent them in four separate envelopes. Coop, the blog organizer, is in England so I expected some of the portraits to arrive on different days. But no. They all arrived on the same day and he posted them all in one gallery.

Coop is asking people to vote for their five favorite images so, if you’ve got a few minutes, take a look and speak up for five good ones.

I like to draw things out so I’ll be posting the portraits over the next four days rather than all at once. Today’s image isn’t based on any particular version of the creature. Most modern depictions present him as composed of badly sewn together body parts so I went with that idea here. I’ll use the other portraits to provide links to other Frankenstein related spots of interest on the net.

4 thoughts on “A Patchwork of Flesh

  1. Not a bad idea. I’ll need to watch some of those movies first though. I’m way behind on my foreign horror movie watching.

  2. Looks like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Hellboy.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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