Doctor Bland Has a Wild Thought

How did it get to be the first so quickly? And why do my stats tell me that more people visit this journal when I’m not posting than when I am? Ah, the mysteries of the life. I wish I could say that I was back to regular daily posting but it wouldn’t be the truth. I’ve got three days of posting starting today and then it will be back to oblivion. It’s probably going to be that way for the rest of the year.

I found this strip, along with 2 others, when we did a major clean of the office at the Day Job back in August. It’s from the great unfinished comic strip project that I worked on back in 2002 (?) as part of a possible marketing program for the Day Job. First I’d sketched out an 8 page minicomic. With all the distractions at work the turning of those sketches into complete comic pages happened far more slowly than the boss wanted to wait for so he asked if I could come up with some shorter strips that we could use as part of our monthly postcard mailings. Dr. Bland was to be our villain for the minicomic so I gave him a try as the star of his own series. Villains are rather more fun to write than heroes. For the short term at least.

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  1. I remember when I would get 12 visitors a day. Boy, those were the days! These days LuvSet averages about 6, and, yes, fewer on the days when I actually post! However, somehow I am garnering followers …

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