Playing With Markers

So I’ve had a box of color markers that I’ve only rarely used (and not at all for the last ten) for something like 20 years now. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve got a set of grey tone markers that I use occasionally but the colored ones have just sat there, untouched, loved only from a distance. Since most of my printed illustrations have been in black and white I haven’t felt compelled to do much color work.

It’s looking like I’ll be getting more color illustrations printed soon. One thing tends to lead to another and I figured I should get some practice now while I’ve got a chance. So I pulled out the box and I’ve set to work. As with most initial sketches I drew a monster. This fellow is not any specific monster. He’s got a bit of Toxic Avenger vibe to him but that’s purely accidental. I’ve yet to see any of Toxie’s movies.