There will probably be no artwork to post for most, if not all, of the rest of the month. Nizzibet and I are moving from our overstuffed apartment to a larger one across town. We’re expecting the new place to be just stuffed rather than crammed. But to get to that stage we’ve first got to put everything here into boxes and bags and schlep it there. And then, for Christmas, we’ll get to unwrap our old stuff! Yay!

Of course that means another couple of commissions showed up in email today. One is a new RPG book for Sixtystone Press. Cover and interior illustrations. The other is work I’ve already done, years ago, that looks like it may see print in an Oz related publication. The art has been packed away since the last time we moved so it’s going to stay packed until we get to the new place.

All of this needs to be fit around the work I’m doing on Oz Squad. Uh. Yeah. Seems like I’m destined to do that series. I’ve no idea when it will see print. I’ve got 12 out of 48 pages of the first issue finished. Assuming that it sees publication as a print comic. But maybe it will end up on the web first. Or we’ll collect the first story arc in a trade paper back. But that all happens when the art is done.

I hope you’ll all having fun. Feel free to drop by now and then. Just because I don’t expect to have anything to show off doesn’t mean I won’t end up surprising myself.